The flavour of Verona is very Roman, with a generous helping of Venice, a dash of Florence and a taste of Austria. It is a beautiful city with much to see, yet has not yet been swamped by tourism. Most tourists visit for the day as an excursion from Lake Garda or as part of a Grand Tour, or they come for the opera. Yet Verona merits much more than just a day visit.

Verona's geographical position makes it an ideal base from which to visit many interesting surrounding locations or to participate in a multitude of activities.
Lake Garda, the biggest and most beautiful of the Italian lakes is nearby with all the facilities for active sports or a relaxing rest.
The mountains are also accessible with good skiing, climbing, walking and cycling less than an hour's drive away.
As for Art and Culture, well, there is so much to do and see, both in Verona and the neighbouring towns, that you will have to keep coming back to see more.


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